Monday, May 21, 2007

Suicide Sisters With the Managing Misters...

(title h/t: Steely Dan)
"We will turn our bodies into living bombs..."
(Correction: "Make that The Homicide sisters ready to kill innocents for their cult.")

Clad head to toe in black and clutching sub-machine guns and automatic rifles, they vowed to die killing Israelis. The women, at once sinister and yet awkward in their long dresses and munitions belts, say they will blow themselves up in attacks on Israeli soldiers if the Gaza Strip is invaded.
They gathered as Israel pounded the Strip with airstrikes yesterday - in response to weeks of rocket attacks from Palestinian fanatics. "If the Israelis try to invade northern Gaza Strip, we will defend our land and our homes," one of the women declared as the group gathered at the Jabalya refugee camp north of Gaza City.

"We will turn our bodies into living bombs against the Israeli army," she added and demanded revenge against Israeli "crimes" carried out against the Palestinians. The women belong to the military wing of Palestine's ruling Hamas party.

A day earlier rival militants of Islamic Jihad released a video in which dozens of women said they were "eagerly awaiting" the chance to become suicide bombers.

So sad. What is wrong with these people?
Where is the rest of the Muslim world?
Why aren't they speaking out about this blatant act of aggression?
More at the link here.