Wednesday, June 13, 2007

American AQ killed in the Puntland

The American's identity has not yet been revealed. The press release from the Puntland State of Somalia.

We would like to inform the International Community and the Citizens of Puntland that On June, 2007, the Puntland military battled a group of international terrorist.
These terrorist had fled Southern Somalia and came on shore in Puntland. This group of terrorist was part of the former Islamic Courts Union which had been defeated in Southern Somalia.

The Battle took place near Bargal in the Bari region of Puntland, which is 400km from Bossaso.

These terrorists suffer six casualties, they had different nationalities including.

a)The United States
b)Great Britain
f)Republic of Yemen

Puntland Forces also captured these items from this group:

1)1 Truck (Surf Model) carrying logistics

2)1 Speed Boat.

Four soldiers from Puntland were wounded during the battle.

The Government of Puntland is committed to working with our partners in the collective security of our region.

I'm happy to hear this.