Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Hijabberwocky 2

This hijabberwocky is coming from Azerbaijan and it looks like the curtain munchers are winning with their argument that the hijab = religious freedom and the Azerbaijan Civil Liberties Union or DEVAMM at their beck and call. “Echo”: Hijab Related Problem in BP

DEVAMM (Center for protection of freedom conscience and religion) got information that “BP-Azerbaijan” has some problems connected with freedom of religion. Thus, number of information agencies informed that girl practicing Islam and wearing headscarf in accordance with her religious beliefs was dismissed from BP. Particularly, it is reported that it was Esmira Heydarova’s religious beliefs that caused her dismissal. She worked for Sangachal terminal “BP-Azerbaijan”. It is also reported that the dismissed was warned on the part of leadership to come to work without headscarf. In response, Esmira Heydarova, declared that her clothing is expression of freedom of religion that is why she can’t take off headscarf.