Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Just because its my blog and I can

Identical twins in Canada who target behemoth trout and call themselves The Fishing Geeks may be destined for a more complimentary moniker after their most recent milestone — the world-record rainbow.
Adam and Sean Konrad, 26, of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, each have line-class records for rainbow trout as recognized by the International Game Fish Association. But Adam was the lucky angler who hooked into their largest rainbow trout the evening of June 5 at nearby Lake Diefenbaker, while Sean was targeting walleye on this reservoir system of the South Saskatchewan River.
The final tally after the 20-minute tussle to get the bruiser 'bow to shore: 43.6 pounds, 38.75 inch in length and a girth of 34 inches. Should the numbers stand, Adam Konrad will hold the all-tackle world record for rainbow trout, eclipsing the 42-pound, 2-ounce standard that was set by a boy, David White, in June 1970 on Alaska's Bell Island.
"I call it a freak of nature, but that's what we were looking for," Konrad told