Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Iran: Where there's rationing there's fire.

New Gasoline Rationing behind widespread fires in Tehran.

A fire at a house in Tehran’s Modarres Freeway inflicted heavy burns on a woman and a child. Fires have increased in Tehran during the past week, as temperatures have gone up and people have begun to store gasoline in their homes, ahead of a new government plan to ration the fuel.

Since last Thursday, more than 200 counts of fires have been reported in Tehran. Though Tehran’s Fire Department has not yet released official figures, one firefighter told Rooz, “In the past five days, the number of our missions to battle fires has increased. Most of the fires are due to explosions connected with gasoline storage.”

Meanwhile, there's still mass confusion over the rationing plan itself. Confusion over sweeping new plan to ration gasoline.