Thursday, June 07, 2007

Leave it to Beeber

From the BBC:Italy police hold 10 'Islamists'

It must have killed the BBC to put up this title. Note the judicious use of quotes to indicate their disbelief that the suspected terrorists are indeed denizens of the Religion of Peace. Hard to believe isn't it? Shocka, right Beeb? Who would have thought that another bombing could have been carried out by Muslims!!!!!

Italian police have arrested at least 10 suspected Islamist militants who are believed to be linked to the bombings that rocked Algiers in April. The suspects, held in Milan, allegedly provided logistical and financial support for the militants in Algeria.

Two blasts killed at least 30 people and injured 160 in Algiers.

A group called the Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat said it carried out the attacks. It later changed its name to al-Qaeda in the Maghreb. Police said the suspects were also believed to be linked to Islamist activities in Tunisia in January. The Milan suspects are reported to be Tunisians.

One of those targeted by police was named as Essid Sami Ben Khemais. He was about to leave jail after serving a sentence of six years and two months, but now a new detention warrant has been
served for him, the Italian news website Il Giornale says.

The police raids followed a tip-off from Tlili Lazar, an Islamist extradited from France in November 2006, who is now co-operating with police, Il Giornale says.

If it walks like an Islamist, if it talks like an Islamist and more importantly if it BLOWS UP like an Islamist, guess what? It is an Islamist. No quotes necessary.