Friday, June 15, 2007

Lebanon: News anchor gloats at killing of Anti-Syrian pol

and gets her disgusting a&& fired. Unaware that her microphone was on and that the comments were being broadcast live, the unnamed presenter mocked the death of Mr. Walid Eido.

From the Beeb.

The open microphone captured the presenter saying: "Why did it take them so long to kill him?"
She and a male colleague, who was also sacked, can then be heard laughing.

"Ahmed Fatfat [another anti-Syrian MP] will be next. I'm counting them off," she went on.

The colleague tells her not to gloat.

"It's not gloating. But we've had enough of them," she continues.

Mr Eido, an outspoken critic of Syria and its influence in Lebanon, was buried on Thursday. He is the sixth leading anti-Syrian figure to be killed since 2005.

The presenter worked for NBN, a station owned by the pro-Syrian parliamentary speaker Nabih Berri. The station has apologised for the "unintentional mistake" and said that the presenter's views did not represent those of the station.

Yeah, right.