Friday, June 22, 2007

A mighty smackdown for CAIR

Jewish activist attacks Muslims at Mighty Heart screening. With a headline like that you had to know this was from the al-Guardian. Especially when you read about the nature of the "attack":

At a post-film panel discussion featuring representatives from Muslim, Jewish and Christian groups, a Jewish activist denounced the event saying, "The only reason [Muslims] like this film is because it's about a dead Jew."

The activist said the participation of members of The Council on American-Islamic Relations
(CAIR) was like "David Duke co-sponsoring Schindler's List", referring to the former Klu Klux Klan Grand Master and Louisiana politician.

More details and the identity of the smackdown artist here:

Allyson Rowen-Taylor, who has been involved in orgs such as the American Jewish Congress and Stand With Us. The activist found out about the event from a friend who's a member of the Academy and immediately expressed her outrage to Judea Pearl, father of the late journo Daniel Pearl.

"This is Hollywood's idea of a 'dialogue,' " he wrote in an email obtained by Daily Variety. Pearl was traveling Thursday evening and could not be reached for comment. In the email, he said he was not consulted by Par Vantage about CAIR's involvement, a fact the studio confirms. "That hasn't really been the nature of the campaign," a rep said, pointing out that Daniel Pearl's parents and widow hadn't been intimately involved in marketing decisions.

"Vantage went into the screening tonight with the best intentions," the rep said shortly before the pic was to begin unspooling on the lot. "Like the film, this was designed to celebrate dialogue of people of diverse backgrounds and faith."

You mean like those diverse backgrounds of faith that prompted security concerns and required you to move the production to India? You mean like the faith that celebrated Daniel Pearl's beheading?

Winterbottom tried to shoot those scenes in Karachi, but security concerns and official permissions proved problematic, so he moved camp to India, where he and the cast and crew shot the bulk of their scenes on location in a Pune neighborhood known as Sindh Society.

You can read the unindicted co-conspirators invitation to the screening here . The kicker? The title of the post screening discussion. BUILDING UNITY AND UNDERSTANDING IN TODAY'S WORLD.

Right. Until the infidels are gone and then its:

Building bombs and torture chambers for today's infidels....