Friday, June 22, 2007

Operation Arrowhead Ripper

Michael Yon checks in with his latest dispatch Surrender or Die where he's hooked up with a 3-2 Stryker Brigage in Baqubah.

This Brigade has much recent combat experience, and is expertly commanded. A
person does not need to even meet the commanders (though I do each day) to know they are running a tight ship. The professionalism of 3-2 is particularly high, and they are very competent fighters who are maximizing their assets, including the incredible Stryker vehicles.

He adds this. Save our Strykers!
While the name “Stryker” is on the table, apparently controversy is brewing back
home whether Strykers should be in our arsenal. The answer is YES: we need all
we can get. The Stryker might be the finest all-around combat vehicle in Iraq.

More on the fighting can be found here: Al Qaeda fight to death in Iraq bastion.