Monday, June 18, 2007

New lows in dhimmitude...

From the UK: Muslim is first on the beat donning hijab.

And so I decided to wear a headscarf. You can't cherry pick when and where to wear it. That would be hypocritical, wouldn't it?"

Rukshana contacted Cambridgeshire Specials Coordinator Shahana Ahmed, herself a Muslim.

At the time, last autumn, hijab was not issued as part of standard uniform. So the constabulary set about getting a scarf designed and made specially for Rukshana.

Sourcing various examples, from the few UK forces which provide hijab, they came up with the finished design earlier this year - with safety in mind. While most headscarves are held in place with pins, Rukhsana's is fastened with a strip of poppers. Should an assailant grab her hijab, while on duty, it will simply pull apart. Made to order by a tailor in Yorkshire, from a special stretchy material, the scarves cost £15 each to buy.

Appease, accommodate, bend over backwards and kiss their a$$ in Macy's window - that's the special treatment Muslims want. Disgusting. Not half as disgusting as this comment:

I think it's a very positive thing," says Shahina. "The Chief Constable, Julie Spence, has been supportive from day one. But we did have some resistance from members of the force, asking 'Do you want to put your officer at risk?' I don't see it that way* people have to accept you for who you are."

Or these:

Our staff represent the many communities we serve, and we respect and always try to accommodate any adaptation staff with particular beliefs may want to make to their uniform," says Deputy Chief Constable John Feavyour.

"Uniform is obviously there to serve a purpose in terms of identity and safety, and all changes to uniform are made in line with guidelines that ensure the officer or staff member is able to conduct their normal policing or other duties safely and effectively."

They come right out and claim to be "instigators".

Her efforts have also been welcomed by the wider Muslim community in Cambridge. Abdul Arain is coordinator of Cambridge Muslims Online and a leading member of the Abu Bakar Siddiq Mosque on Mawson Road in the city. He says: "Muslims in the UK are active supporters of and instigators in the positive progress of British society.

They should be able to fully integrate with every section of that society, including the armed forces, the police force and all the other institutions which exist. So this is definitely a step in the right direction."

Integrate, not assimilate. That's the problem. But wait! There's more accommodation in the works. The bowler hat will just not do. Oh no, no, no. The MUSLIMA walking the beat needs a specially designed skull cap.

Ibrar Hamed, of the Association of Muslim Police in London, says the Met are currently in the process of introducing hijab as a standard uniform option. While Rukshana will wear a protective bowler hat on top of her hijab when necessary, to protect her head from potential blows, the Met's aim is to provide a special skull cap instead, which can slot under the

"In brief, the policy states there is a need to risk assess the officer's tasking," adds Ibrar. "If the risk assessment indicates a bowler hat would normally be required, then the officer can obtain a protective insert for her hijab from clothing stores.

She should not normally be forced to wear a bowler hat over her hijab but has the choice to do so."

Just like Christians have a choice in Muslim countries. A choice to be beheaded, tortured, killed, raped and persecuted. Speaking of hypocrisy, Rukshana...