Sunday, June 17, 2007

Why I hate the hijab and all it symbolizes.

The reason? Just read the words of this so called American Muslima in:

Stars, stripes and the crescent: the foundations

In her university which has tens of thousands of students enrolled, Naiyerah Kolkailah is the only girl one can see wearing a hijab. A very distinctive trait, one can easily point her out in the crowd. When I was interviewing Naiyerah for this article, I asked her, how does it feel to be the only person in hijab on the university campus? She replied "Its constant dawah".

(Dawah = the call, or the summons. Often used in the context of preaching.)

Let's start here: Hijab defines her as a Muslim. Period. End of story. America? Feh. She pretty much spits on her.

Everything else, whether it’s being of Egyptian decent, an American, or Californian, is all secondary to her. She doesn't associate herself with any culture or tradition, her association is only to Islam and her loyalty only to the Almighty. She thinks of herself as an activist, an activist in hijab. When she is involved in community work, whether it’s feeding the homeless or volunteering in a health fair, her hijab is a constant reminder to people around her that she is a Muslim. She says it’s a non-stop representation of Islam.

Hijab: Putting yourself out there for Allah.
They put themselves out there even though the reaction to a girl in hijab is not the best in the world. Even after facing problems because of their decision to wear their hijab, both girls, keep it on, not because it makes a political or social statement, but because it is an order from Allah. The socio-political statement is just a healthy by product of following the commandment of Allah.

She knows her rights and feels she is breaking "the cultural chain"
She knows her rights, and unlike the rest of the women in society, she does not have to demand them. Her rights have already been given to her by Islam. She understands the boundaries of her religion, and at the same time is not scared to break down the taboos created by cultures. Breaking cultural chains is one of the biggest boons of the American Society. With the assimilation of different cultures, education and the search for a Muslim identity, she has discovered herself to be just a Muslim.

And therein lies the first problem. She pledges no allegiance to America.

Here is the second problem. She is also the sixth pillar of Islam:

It is no exaggeration to call the Muslimah “the foundation” of Islam in America. She is the one who teaches her children to become the pillars who will support this mighty cause. She is the leader, she is the scholar, she is the teacher, she is the mother, and she is the foundation. A foundation that is based on the Quran and Sunnah alone, and is not corrupted to a harmful extent by the clout of culture. She is brave, strong, has a clear vision and is not scared to take the leap for the cause of Allah.

They are the American Muslimahs, the foundation of Islam in Modern America. I salute them! Would you not?

No, I would deport them. Serious.