Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Algeria might not get it...but it looks like the Saudis might.

(Key word: might)

Saudi Arabia: Official permission required to collect alms.

Saudi Arabia's Islamic affairs minister Abdelaziz al-Seideri has issued new guidelines on who may gather 'Zakat' - alms for the poor - from the Muslim faithful during the holy month of Ramadan, Arabic satellite TV network al-Arabiya reports.

The Saudi authorities fear Ramadan could become a window of opportunity for al-Qaeda to father funds and 'proselytise'.... In the past, private associations and mosques in Saudi Arabia gathered these funds independently, redistributing them as they chose.

To prevent the covert financing of al-Qaeda, only people with authorisation are allowed gather 'Zakat' in shops and mosques and asking for alms in the street is not permitted. Al-Seideri, in a message carried by the official Saudi news agency, has appealed to all Muslim worshippers and to imams to ensure that 'Zakat' gathered during Ramadan is only given to charitable bodies authorised by the government.

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