Wednesday, September 26, 2007

We hate to say we told you so but...

Five Dead, five injured in Algeria attack. (Nearly 80 people have been killed by Islamists since the start of Ramadan on September 13. They're putting bombs by hospitals. Algeria out of Iraq now!)

ALGIERS (AFP) - Five people have been killed and five injured in a series of violent attacks involving armed Islamists in Algeria on Monday and Tuesday, according to a security source Wednesday.

Three civil guards were killed Monday evening when their patrol was ambushed by an armed group in Tassedane in the eastern region of Mila.

A serviceman was killed and five others injured when several homemade bombs exploded in scrubland at Ma-Labiod, which borders Tunisia on the eastern border of Algeria.

In addition, a prison guard was murdered Tuesday by an armed group at the exit of a mosque in the Boumerdes region, 50 kilometres (30 miles) east of the capital.

Separately, on Sunday security forces defused a bomb placed near the hospital in Constantine.

We tried to tell them, but would they listen?