Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hijabs and Hymen Repair

Muslim brides: Only their pharmacists know for sure...

That's right. I said HYMEN REPAIR...(h/t Weasel Zippers)

The University Medical Center of Utrecht (UMC) is going to offer a pill as an alternative for hymen repair operations.

The pill is a trick for Muslim women and girls to copy the bleeding of first sexual contact, the hospital reported Wednesday. The vaginal suppository causes after a half hour a "slimy red secretion", says gynecologist Ineke van Seumeren.

UMC Utrecht receives about 20 requests annually from girls of Turkish and Moroccan origin to undergo a hymen repair. About half of the requests are accepted, says Van Seumeren. Van Seumeren emphasizes during consultations that most women don't or rarely bleed during the first time. She says she offers them the pills as an alternative...

This must be how they come up with all those virgins for the homicide bombers - recycled virgins.

This is so sick on so many levels.
Update: Okay, it's not what you think but it did catch my eye: