Sunday, October 14, 2007

Bloggy Mountain Breakdown

It's a foggy, gray Sunday morning here along the front range and Dinah has decided to stop and take a deep breath for just a moment. Snow showers are softly falling outside the window. I've just brewed a fresh pot of coffee, and get this: seven wild turkeys just walked across the yard outside my window.

Oh, and the Dinah Lord playlist is playing softly in the background. That's right, possums. Now, you can listen to some of Dinah's long time fave tunes as we fight the dirty Islamofascists together. (Maria Muldaur's, "Midnight at the Oasis" is on as I type this. Thanks to USpace over at Hard to Swallow for turning me onto this great little gadget. FineTune.)

(To operate: See the Fine Tune icon in the sidebar? Just click to play and if you don't like that particular track -you can move your mouse over it and click to change it. There's also a pull down "radio" feature that you can click on to find something more to your liking at FineTune should Dinah's tunes be too fuddy-duddy. Although Dinah bets you will listen and you will DANCE. Remember how much the Mullahs hate the rock and roll! The Clash's "Rock the Casbah", is playing now baby. Hard not to shake the old moneymaker when you hear that old chestnut.)

All set?

Very good.

Time for some reflection. Peter Gabriel's "I Grieve" is up now. (also one of the songs Dinah wants played at her celestial send-off. For real.) You'll grieve when you read this post about Scott King, a hero who died serving his country and saving the lives of his fellow soldiers. Please visit Crusader Rabbit and pay your respects.

Heroes are on the agenda over at Always on Watch, as well. (Now up Toby Keith with "Beer for my horses".) Stop by and pay tribute to your personal hero. I'm still thinking...

You wouldn't think that Idaho Senator Larry Craig would be making any hero list would you? (Think Bonnie Raitt's, "Tangled and Dark" here.) Well, you'd be wrong. I don't care that he's gay, hell he could be putting the wood to a Martian for all I care, BUT lying to the people you love, about who you really are is not heroic in my book. To say nothing of his constituency! Come clean with yourself and the world, Larry. (Listening to George Benson's, "Tell it like it is" and thinking of Larry's wife, mom and children.)

Okay, Seal's, "Crazy" is on now - long time readers of Dinah Lord know we don't have to explain why she likes that one! But speaking of crazy, The Persian Pipsqueak didn't give the Jews 'their" answer' Friday. Or if he did, I didn't hear it. That Iranian regime sure likes to shoot off their mouth, don't they?

Now listening to Santana's, "She's not there" and thinking of Miss Velvet over at Ironic Surrealism II's recent brush w/ blog meltdown! Aiiiiii! That was close. Thankfully, disaster was averted and stats were maintained. Go tell her how glad you are she's okay. And if you're still listening (Marc Cohn's, "Lost you in the Canyon" is up now.) head over to The Amboy Times for The list of things that offends Muslims. This is a keeper, my friends and Miss Velvet turned me onto it! ("Sledgehammer" by Peter Gabriel. )

Cheers - Dinah (as she gets up and gets her groove thang going...)