Sunday, October 14, 2007

Ransom $ fueling Afghanistan fighting

(From L to R) Mullah Walleye, Sheikh Sylvester al Stallone and Mohammed 'Pretty Boy' Lezbollah in recent interview.

Taliban use ransom cash to fund UK blitz. Well, that and the opium which the mullahs have said is no longer haraam - when you use it to fight the infidel. At least that's what the Tali-wackers are claiming in this article.

Millions of dollars handed over to secure the release of South Korean hostages in Afghanistan have been used to buy weapons deployed against British and American forces in the country, the Taliban claims.

Major Alexis Roberts, 32, Prince William's former platoon commander at Sandhurst, was one of the victims of the Taliban offensive funded by the hostage money.

According to Taliban fighters interviewed by The Sunday Telegraph, the money has also been used to train recruits to carry out terrorist attacks in Britain and America.

South Korea denies the payment of ransom. Claims it's all Taliban propaganda.