Sunday, September 30, 2007

Mardi Gras Update: Pour La Joie de Vivre

Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez

Long time Dinah Lord readers know that Dinah has gotten herself invited onto a Mardi Gras float. She will be joining the Krewe of Iris in NOLA this Mardi Gras season in supporting the city and letting the good times roll.

Today, I finalized my travel/hotel arrangements and ordered my throws - which was just under the wire. (as usual) The deadline for ordering is October 8.

My Line Commander, Helen, advised that amateurs like my friend Lady G and I aren't able to throw as well as the regulars therefore we only needed 15 gross of throws to toss on the parade route. (You don't want to have any left over at the end of the route!)

Here's my order:
2 dz IRIS theme beads - metallic

6 dz long white pearls 48"

180 dz Assorted Color Beads 48"

2 dz IRIS Broadway beads

2 dz Special - Iris Long Purple & White Ceramic Beads

20 dz long beads - 12 mm green, purple, gold

2 dz feather leis - purple, green, gold.

10dz IRIS footballs

We also need to purchase a safety belt to strap ourselves on to the float.

More on the rules and regulations and THE BALL, later.

To be continued...