Saturday, October 13, 2007

A Panty Raid on Code Pink: They called everybody but Homeland Security

Have I told you lately that FReepers rule? They do.

Six D.C. Chapter members, a member of Gathering of Eagles, Iraq war vet Phil Kiver and two of his friends went to the so-called Code Pink House at 712 5th St., NE (attn. Keith Olbermann, don't get your panties in a bunch: Code Pink publishes this address all over their website) to call for their eviction over zoning violations.

Specifically Code Pink is running a corporate lobbying office in a zoned residential neighborhood, operating a boarding house for transients and operating a kitchen. The house they are renting is zoned for single family dwelling. It sits right in the middle of a block of residences.

We arrived at 2 p.m. carrying copies of a zoning complaint that had been filed back in May with the D.C. government to give to the Pinkos' neighbors. It appears the D.C. government has not taked action on the complaint.

As we were unloading our freep stuff from one of our cars up the road from the Pinkos' office, a woman (not wearing pink, BTW) asked if we were there to protest Code Pink. When I told her, "Yes," she immediately got on her cell phone and walked around the corner at 5th and H St. A couple minutes later she ran sprinting past me and hauled her ample behind down 5th St. to the Code Pink office where where she turned and raced up the stairs in to the front door.

About five minutes later, the first of many police officers to be called to check us out this afternoon arrived...

Read it all, possums. It looks like the Code Pinkos are going to be getting a taste of their own medicine. Sweet!