Sunday, November 04, 2007

Camp Gitmo to close?

Oh dear, what will the moonbats do with all their orange jumpsuits?

THE US Government is considering closing a war-on-terror detention centre at the US naval base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and granting its detainees substantially greater rights, The New York Times has reported. Citing unnamed officials involved in the discussions, the newspaper said the plan also called for possibly moving most of the detainees to the US.

Hearing unnamed sources and NY Times iin the same paragraph made me question the veracity of the story - but then I ran across this 10-25-07 WaPo item, The Smart Way To Close Gitmo. Is somebody sending out trial balloons over at the White House?

(h/t to Miss Aurora over at The Midnight Sun who wonders where the Gitmo prisoners would be sent. Right here, in my neighborhood, Miss Aurora! To the Colorado Supermax facility in Florence, Co. About 100 miles out of Denver. Moussaoui's there now. As is 'Shoe Bomber' Richard Reid. I don't know - that would mean the Al Qaeda scumbags would be getting pretty thick on the ground there. They might want to spread them out a bit at one of the 3 other Supermax facilities! Wherever they go, I hope there's some rough prison justice in store for them.)