Monday, November 05, 2007

The Universe has gone all scatological tonight

Gaza Sewage Tsunami - Total Ick.

What can I say? First we have drunken Thais peeing in prayer rooms and now we have Gaza giving new meaning to the phrase 'third world shithole'.

The NY Slimes complains that they can't have pipes brought in to fix the toilet that is Palestine and all their other pipes are being used to make bombs. Unreal, but that's a Muslim Ghetto for you.

Fahmi al-Abrak, 70, was at home on March 27 when a lagoon of human waste broke through its sand embankment and hurtled downhill, inundating this poor village of Bedouins in northern Gaza. “It rose to here in 15 seconds,” he said, pointing to a discolored line on the walls, four feet above ground.

Five people died, drowned in the wave of waste, along with scores of goats, sheep and chickens. Nearly 1,000 people had to be taken out of the village. Now, Mr. Abrak said, “I’m afraid to go to sleep at night.”

The lagoon disaster seemed a sort of metaphor for Gaza — overcrowded, lacking in resources, coping with makeshift answers to long-term problems. But the lagoon, which held more than 150,000 cubic yards, is dwarfed by the huge lake of sewage it was built to reduce. That lake, which itself holds sewage overflow, now contains almost four million cubic yards of water and human waste, covering about 100 acres, and it is again creeping close to the danger point. Its sand embankment was reinforced this summer, and two more outlet ponds have been dug in the sand. But more waste enters daily than is discharged, the lake is only six feet below the embankment and the winter rains are coming.
And yet a project to fix the problem is stalled by politics and conflict. Israel has declared Gaza “hostile territory” and is sharply limiting the kinds of goods allowed in. The restrictions cover many ordinary items not considered essential to human life. But they also cover things like metal pipes, welding machines and the wire used to refurbish electric motors — things that Israel believes could have secondary use by the Hamas administration and the Palestinian gunmen who fire rockets toward nearby Israeli towns like Sderot.

The article ends with this plaintive plea:

“How many Palestinians need to drown?”

How many Jews must be bombed, is my reply.
Read it all - believe it or not there are several other Gaza garden spots currently under threat of a sewage tsunami.

I ask you, where are all the Muslim brothers and sisters with their Muslim charitable obligation that they're always bragging about, the zakat.

Let me tell you, unless it goes boom, the zakat is the zero for the Palestinian brothers.... Which reminds me - why aren't they helping these refugees while they are at it? (h/t Eye On the World) You don't hear boo about the Bangladeshi and Sri Lankans!
No-o-o-o, it's all about the poster child Palestinians.