Monday, November 05, 2007

Drunken Thais Pee in Egyptians Prayer Room.

Chaos and violence ensues.

One side of the story:

Labour ministry denies Thais killed in a brawl in Kuwait

A brawl between Thai and Egyptian construction workers in Kuwait last week that led to the deaths of two Thai workers was reportedly caused by drunken Thais urinating in an area reserved for Muslim prayers.

However, Labour Minister Apai Chandanachulaka said no Thai workers had been killed as a result of the brawl last Thursday night, but four had sustained slight injuries.

The other side of the story:

A worker's relative in Phichit, Yor, (not her real name) told The Nation Monday that her son-in-law, who is one of 1,000 Thai workers at the Kuwait site, often told her that the Thai and Egyptian workers did not get along well. The Egyptian workers bullied the Thais by cutting into the queues for food and pushing to get on vehicles to work, she said.

In the latest incident, some of the 20,000 Egyptian workers invaded the Thai workers' camp on Thursday night, attacking them and damaging their belongings. They were furious that drunken Thai workers had intruded on the Muslim camp's prayer room and reportedly urinated there, Yor said.

Yor said that her son-in-law had contacted her on Sunday saying that many Thai workers were injured and at least two were killed in the brawl. She quoted him as saying that labour recruitment agencies had moved the Thai workers out of the area and promised to provide extra security.

"The government's information doesn't match what we know from those who were there. After the brawl, my son-in-law and other Thai workers felt disheartened. But the Thai ambassador, who went to inspect the scene and provide assistance, did not do what he supposed to do because, soon after his arrival, he hurried away for fear of security," Yor said.

(Sounds like the Religion of Peace at work to me.)