Monday, November 05, 2007

The Zoe's Ark saga-

Just as I suspected. Liberal do-gooders run amok. Their agenda trumps all.

From Nidra Poller at PJM.
These self-appointed do-gooders considered themselves above the law by virtue of their “idealistic” motives. Disinterested, by definition, they collected huge amounts of money they never could have earned by their own professional efforts. They were reduced—perhaps because of their pitiful incapacity to deliver genuine Darfur orphans— to manipulating everyone. And, worst of all, they used children as human shields for their overblown humanitarian pretensions.

About the kids:
Today, distraught parents are coming to the city of Abéché to retrieve the children they entrusted to village chiefs and assorted intermediaries who promised they would be properly nourished and educated in the town of Adré. No one said anything about taking them to Abéché…and it now appears that the Chadian helpers were not told they were being collected for export to France.

The problem? Chad does not issue birth certificates so parents and children will have to wait for further verification and proof before reuniting.