Monday, November 05, 2007

Bhutto suicide bomber...a child?

From CNN via Outlook India.

"Although it remains difficult to know for certain, I doubt that a suicide bomber was involved in the attack on me. I suspect, after talking to some of the injured, that the terrorists used a 'small child' as a ploy to get to me," Bhutto wrote in commentary for CNN.

"They (terrorists) were trying to hoist the child -- dressed in the colours of my party's flag -- onto my truck," Bhutto said, adding failing to do so they dropped the child near her vehicle. "Some witnesses said the child had been rigged as a human bomb. I can't be sure. What followed was a massive explosion, killing scores immediately, tearing many bodies in half and sending blood, gore and flames up into the vehicle," she said. "In less than a minute a second bomb -- reports later suggested a car bomb -- went off," she wrote.