Thursday, January 17, 2008

Maldivian Moslems: No Hillary Wannabes Here!

"Nothing good will come for any country that appoints a woman as its head."

The Adaalath Party on Tuesday condemned the removal of gender bar to Presidential office by the People's Special Majlis, the interim constitutional assembly tasked with amending the Constitution. In a statement signed by Dr. Abdul Majeed Abdul Bari, the President of the Islamic Scholars Council of the party, Adaalath said that from many Koranic verses and sayings of Prophet Mohamed, it was evident that it is prohibited in Islam to appoint a woman as head of the State or Government...

The Islamist-leaning party said that it regretted that the PSM did not adopt an amendment submitted by Lhaviyani atoll MP Hussain Ibrahim which stated that only a man can become President. Some 40 MPs had in fact supported the amendment at Monday's sitting but since it was not a majority, the amendment was not adopted.

Adaalath said that since Maldives is a 100 percent Islamic country, the Constitution prohibits both the Government and any member of the public in acting in contravention to Islamic principles.