Thursday, January 03, 2008

Okay, so now you have ONE day to get out of Swat. Or else!

I guess the Pakistani military hasn't left yet... 60 suspected militants arrested in Swat.

Update: Hmm. I guess they're still here, too. Security Forces arrest 44 suspected militants.

Update: Guess what, Taliban Man? Looks like they're over here as well. 25 Militants killed in S Waziristan

Update: And they're getting reinforcements! Military Reinforcements reach Swat And Holy Anbar Awakening! Civilians are taking to the barricades to guard their villages from ousted Tali-whackers:

"residents established a security checkpost to block the re-entry of members of
the Taliban ousted in the military operation. The checkpost is being manned by
armed locals, who will patrol the area to help security forces restore the writ
of the government, a resident said.

With good reason, too:
"Meanwhile, unidentified gunmen, believed to be Taliban militants, broke
into three local hotels in the Sambat area of Matta, on Tuesday night and
smashed television sets installed there. They also warned the hotel owners of
dire consequences if television sets were seen in their hotels again."