Friday, March 28, 2008

Fitna: More Miscellaneous Seething

Just so we get a better sense...

Again in this article, my man Mohamed (Panties be upon him) pretty much comes out and makes the case that Islam is set on destroying Dutch society with their schools and their mosques and their institutions. It's a total non-denial, denial. Why isn't anybody listening?

Mohamed Rabbae, leader of a group representing members of the Netherlands' large Moroccan immigrant community, said the film was not as bad as he had expected, but warned that the message from Wilders was that Islam was set on destroying Western civilisation. "So we as Muslims with our schools and our mosques and with our institutions are out to destroy Dutch society," he said.

"That is his message to our autochthon compatriots so as to instigate a serious conflict between us."

What is an autochton? Man, I didn't know and had to look it up:

Autochtoon, (and it's variant autochton) a term in Dutch: a native-born citizen of the Netherlands or Flanders whose parents were also native-born, as opposed to an allochtoon, whose parents were not native-born.

And lets' not forget those fine seething fighting fools - al Qaeda. You better believe they've got their exploding turbans wrapped pretty tight when it comes to the matter of Fitna:

A militant believed linked to al-Qaida's deputy chief Ayman al-Zawahri told The Associated Press in Peshawar last week militants would mount revenge attacks against foreigners because of Wilders' film.