Friday, March 28, 2008

Fitna: Sticky to top til after Friday prayers...

Especially now that Live Leak has been forced to take Fitna down due to "SERIOUS THREATS".

Update: Double especially now that several al Qaeda websites have been posting pictures of Geert Wilders and "is asking for Muslims to act against him" (according to AKI. Somehow I don't think al Qaeda put it quite that nicely.)

"The Dutch, enemy of Allah, has done what he threatened to do and distributed his film," said a banner in an Islamist website.

The message is followed by dozens of posts by visitors of the site asking for Muslims to act against him.

"Dear brothers, remember what happened to Ariel Sharon. Now let's hope that he (Wilders) ends up the same way," says a member of the forum.

Ariel Sharon is the former Israeli prime minister who is currently in a coma after having suffered a massive stroke."