Friday, March 28, 2008

Michael Yon phones it in from Iraq - talks Basra

Is Basra the defining moment in Iraq?

It surely shows the perils of premature evacuation, doesn't it? (And if I haven't mentioned this yet - Desmond Brown is c-l-u-e-l-e-s-s. In this 3/29 interview he talks about premature withdrawal of British troops.)

The British did not, in his view, cut and run. "We left at exactly the right time. The majority of the violence when we were in Basra was directed at us."

Perhaps the Surrendercrats (and Mr. Brown) should take heed and listen to Michael Yon's opinion over at Instapundit.

Michael Yon called on his satellite phone to talk about what's going on in Iraq. I recorded it and it's up here for your listening pleasure -- nothing fancy, just a quick recording posted less than 20 minutes after it happened. Click here to listen.

A few key points: (1) It's likely to get worse before it's better; (2) No one seems to doubt Iranian backing for the violence; (3) This isn't about religion, it's about money and power; and (4) Unlike Al Qaeda in the north, this isn't so much a fight to the finish as violence as a negotiating tactic. It's not a civil war.

Take a listen, and then take a moment to marvel at today's technology, which lets me do this stuff from my basement at the spur of the moment.

Meanwhile, Michael has a book coming out, Moment of Truth in Iraq. If you buy it through his site, you can get an advance copy shipping Monday. Otherwise it'll be out in a few weeks.

It IS a marvel that this was done from Instapundit's basement. Click over and listen to the call and show him some link love.