Saturday, March 22, 2008

Wilders: 'I will go hand out DVD in public myself'

Our fine compatriots at Klein Verzet are all over the Fitna situation. They are proposing a blogburst - and I am seconding that emotion!

Censorship for Islam in the United States in America? Yes really!

I suggest we use, our blog power. Network Solutions is one of the United States biggest Hosting providers. They should stand up for freedom instead of suppressing it. This is nothing less than bowing for terrorist and other abusers of freedom. Please urge everybody to contact Network Solutions and let them know what you think about censorship by filling out their contact form:

Network Solutions Contact Form.

Network Solutions can also be reached by e-mail: or phone: 1-800-333-7680 / 1-800-361-5712, outside the US 1.570.708.8788.

Spread the word.

Update: Dutch news website contacted Wilders, but the politician says he has no idea what's going on at Network Solutions. He is investigating the matter and says: "How many possible ways are their for sabotage? If everything fails, I will go hand out DVD in public myself. What a world are we living in?"

"In spite of all obstruction, I will not give up, Fitna will be seen soon" Geert Wilders emphasized.

Provider Network Solutions could not be reached for comments.

-end, but stay tuned to this channel for further developments.-