Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Religion of Blowing up children

Update: Sky News is reporting that the bomber is now believed to be around 16 years old - not 8. Still a child to my way of thinking.... Teenager kills soldier in suicide attack.

8 year old suicide bomber kills Iraqi Army officer.

A young girl was loaded with explosives and detonated by remote control, killing her and an Iraq soldier and wounding four others, it was claimed on Wednesday.

The Iraqi army said that an officer had been killed when the girl approached soldiers near Youssifiyah, south of the capital Baghdad.

Read how the Telegraph tries to spin it...they're sickening.

Terrorists in Iraq have deployed children as unwitting bombers before, but rarely as young as eight years old.

They have also used psychiatric patients and people in wheelchairs on suicide missions.

However, most bombers are ideologically committed Islamists determined to rid Iraq of foreign forces and their allies in the new Iraqi government.

Well, I guess that makes it all okay then, right????