Wednesday, May 14, 2008

This just tears it...Queen dons headscarf for mosque visit

What did I say about the Queen going tiara in hand to Turkey? Batten down your wighats, possums - it gets worse.

Queen dons headscarf for mosque visit. The article goes on to imply that the Queen's wearing of a headscarf is "a gesture that will be appreciated by many Turks trying to persuade it's western neighbors that Islam and the EU can co-exist."

It just reeks of dhimmitude to me.

The Queen made a rare visit to a mosque today, donning a headscarf alongside the devout wife of Turkey’s president to tour the crypt and caverns of an historic Islamic shrine.

It was the first formal solo outing for Mrs Hayrunnisa Gul, the country’s controversial First Lady, who accompanied the monarch around the Green Mosque and tomb of Sultan Mehmet I on day-two of the Queen’s state visit to Turkey.

Both women covered their hair: Mrs Gul, as always, wore the full Turkish headscarf, while the royal hairline was safely hidden away by a piece of chocolate chiffon.


Today, at the Mosque entrance, an aide in an embroidered robe knelt deftly to assist the Queen as she struggled briefly to remove a royal shoe, in deference to Muslim sensibilities. Thus helped, the monarch donned slippers before entering the place of worship.

Once inside Iman Ayhan Polat showed the royal guest around the 15th century complex, built while Bursa was still capital of the Ottoman Empire, taking time to point out the ornate coloured tiles which give the Green Mosque its name.

As he chanted verses from the Koran, Mrs Gul and the Queen took their seats while the rest of the party kneeled around them in prayer.


Her Majesty re-emerged from the Mosque with her hat firmly back in place and the chiffon having served its regal duty it was off to another engagement to admire more ceramics. The royal party then departed for Istanbul, deaf to the sounds of a beautiful call to prayer.


Do you think the author, Lucy Bannerman, of the UK Times Online is a dhimmi? Or has she just been reading Obama's memoirs?