Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Car bomb manual found on al-Qaeda website

Remote-controlled car bombs, that is.

What's the matter al-Qaeda? That old 72 virgins in paradise routine not working to draw them in these days? Is good jihad help getting hard to find???

A manual teaching would-be 'holy warriors' how to carry out a remote-controlled car bomb attack has appeared on al-Qaeda linked websites. The 13-page manual's apparent author, Abu Abdullah al-Qureishi, says: "This work of mine is a gift that I am offering to the Islamic nation, especially to Sheikh Bin Laden."

Al-Qureishi invites would-be terrorists or jihadists (holy warriors) to use remote-controlled systems that are usually used to pilot drone aircraft.The manual's mechanical section shows a series of pistons. When linked to electrical circuits these press on the accelerator or the brake, depending on the remote-controlled signals they receive, the manual explains. Diagrams also show how to tamper with a car's steering column and the ignition.

The manual does not state why car bombings should be carried out remotely. The reason may lie in the scarcity of volunteer suicide bombers underlined in al-Qaeda recruitment videos and the unpopularity of these attacks.