Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Sex on the beach

Don't do it in Dubai. You could end up in jail for 6 years for having unmarried sex.

(Ms. Palmer)

Publishing firm manager Michelle Palmer has landed in trouble after being caught and arrested by a cop for having sex on Jumeirah Beach in Dubai.

Now, the Brit woman, who breached a strict ban on unmarried sex during her beach romp in Dubai on July 8, could end up serving six years in jail. She had earlier gotten drunk during a champagne brunch that turned into an all-day binge, and was later spotted with another British holidaymaker, known only as Vince, walking together along the shore.

The pair was later seen by a police officer as having sex on the sand, but he let them off with just a warning. On returning to the spot, he found them at it again, and arrested them.

According to sources, Palmer, who works in Dubai for magazines firm ITP Publishing, launched an angry four-letter tirade after her second romp was halted. She is alleged to have called the cop a f****** Muslim **** and tried to hit him with her high-heeled shoe before being restrained.

As sex outside marriage is considered an offence in Dubai, Palmer was charged with it and with indecent behaviour in public, being drunk in public, and assaulting a police officer.

Authorities have warned her and her lover that they face between three months and six years in jail in the Arab state, and have further said that she will also be deported from the country where she has lived and worked for three years.

Unconfirmed reports from Dubai suggested that the desperate pair hastily organised a civil ceremony soon after their release on bail, and married in a bid to reduce their jail terms.