Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Don't know how I missed this one...

Lawmakers meet with Musharraf to get American teens released from Madrassa.

Pakistan has 20,000 madrassas with at least 80 Americans studying in them.

(Correction: The Khans are among 80 Americans enrolled in his madrassa. It is believed that there are 600 American boys being educated in 22 madrassas across Pakistan.)

Two American teenage boys unable to leave the radical madrassa where they've been studying for the past four years in Karachi, Pakistan, should be released in the next week, a Texas congressman told FOX News on Tuesday.

Republican Rep. Michael McCaul, along with Democratic Reps. Gene Green and Henry Cuellar, also of Texas, called on Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf to help get the boys released from the school.

"That is our hope, if the madrassas will let them go. The passports have been tendered over to the government at this time, and it's a question of the madrassas releasing these two American children and letting them come home," McCaul said.