Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Geert Wilders calls for breaking off relations with Jordan

Geert v. Jordan.

Dutch legislator and Islam critic Geert Wilders wants the Dutch government to break off all diplomatic relations with Jordan if that country does not cease its efforts to seek his extradition.

Writing in Dutch daily newspaper Volkskrant on Thursday, Wilders said Foreign Minister Maxime Verhagen should defend Dutch interests substantially more than he is doing today.

Wilders suggested calling the Jordanian ambassador for a full accounting, or even expelling him from the country and recalling the Dutch ambassador in Amman.

He said a third stage would be to break off the 'close relations' between the two royal houses and to stop Jordan businesses from operating in the Netherlands.

According to Wilders, Verhagen has refused to call in the Jordan ambassador, claiming he cannot interfere in the judicial system of a sovereign country. Calling this decision 'stupid and naive,' Wilders argued that Jordan did not have an independent legal system.