Friday, July 11, 2008

France: Moroccan woman denied citizenship.

Batten down the banlieues. The "Yutes" aren't going to like this one.

Her radical practice of Islam "incompatible" with French values.

Married to a French national, the woman arrived in France in 2000, speaks good French and has three children born in France. She wears a black burqa that covers all her body except her eyes, which are visible through a narrow slit, and lives in "total submission" to her husband and male relatives, according to reports by social services. Le Monde said the woman is 32. The woman's application for French nationality was rejected in 2005 on grounds of "insufficient assimilation". She appealed to the Council of State, which last month approved the rejection.

LeMonde, the French newsdaily states that this is the first time "a Muslim applicant had been rejected for reasons to do with personal religious practice."

Let's hope there will be many more. You want to live the Muslim way? Stay in your Muslim country. End of story.