Friday, July 11, 2008

The old hide the jihad in the burka trick...

Results in jail time. Fiancee of July 21 bomber jailed for helping him escape - in her MOTHER'S burka. They even shaved his arms and gave him a white purse to clutch. Good. Unfortunately, being as this occurred in the UK, she'll probably be released and back on the dole in 6 weeks.
The fiancée of one of the failed July 21 bombers was sentenced to three years in jail today after assisting in his escape.

Fardosa Abdullahi was 18 when she gave Yassin Omar her mother's burka so he could disguise himself as he fled London to Birmingham the day attack the attacks in 2005. Abdullahi, 20, admitted helping her fiance escape the capital at a hearing at the Old Bailey last month, but her plea was only made public today.

She tried to cry off her sentence because she was "vulnerable" at the time and had a long history of mental illness. (aka Islam) She is now pregnant (the perfect candidate for motherhood) and it looks like that baby is going to be born in prison. I can only wonder if her jihadi is the daddy.

Judge Paul Worsley rejected her plea to avoid a jail sentence because she is now pregnant and was vulnerable at the time of the offence and had a long history of mental illness. He said: 'The message must go out that this court will not go soft of those who assist terrorists even those who are young, vulnerable and under pressure, as you undoubtedly were.'