Friday, July 18, 2008

Islamic Art - we've got our own issues

I read with interest (and quite frankly, mocked) the Louvre's new Islamic Art wing here. Well, it looks like we've got Islamic propaganda troubles of our own here in Amerabia.

Read about the Islamic Science exhibit at the Liberty Science Center (located right across the river from the WTC!!!) from
Sultan Knish:

Islam means submission or slavery, the literal opposite of liberty. When Muslim terrorists attacked America on 9/11, their attack took place a block off Liberty St. And now the Liberty Science Center across the river from the World Trade Center has become the first place in North America to host a phony exhibition on the wonders of Islamic science and the glory of Arab culture full of the same fraudulent promotion for a barbaric culture of murderers, bigots and thieves. With enough money invested the Arab and Muslim world has demonstrated the ability to take advantage of American tolerance and Western political correctness to promote their propaganda and self-glorification abroad. The Liberty Science Center exhibition is not simply about promoting a myth of Islamic culture, it is about promoting Islam. Read the following paragraph from the official Liberty Science website.

Like the Sultan says, when was the last time you saw an exhibit on Christian or Jewish Science, I mean really.

Read it all here.