Thursday, July 10, 2008

Somali pirates free Lehmann Timber.

After a "large" ransom is paid.

Pirates have released a German cargo ship and 15 of its crew members unharmed, which was seized 41 days ago after receiving a large ransom, a shipping company said today.

East Africa's Coordinator of Seafarers Association, Mr Andrew Mwangura mentioned that the pirates released the MV Lehmann Timber after receiving US$750,000 ransom, saying soon after release the vessel was sailing for a safe port a day after the hijacking ended.

Unfortunately, the German Yachties are still being held. See here.

Pirates are currently demanding US$2 million dollars for the release of a German couple seized on 23 June as they sailed through the Gulf of Aden on a trip from Egypt to Thailand. This kidnapping is said to be the first instance where sea robbers snatched a small vessel ferrying a non-militant crew.