Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Update: The Karachi Kids

Not 5 minutes after posting about the American kids trapped in the Pakistani Madrassa I recieved an email from something called Karachi Kids. (Thanks to Mr. Mike for the comment tip as well.)

Click on the link and watch the short trailer from the film about these boys and their ordeal. It will truly blow your mind. In four short years these boys have been totally brainwashed. All in the name of Islam, of course.

About the film Karachi Kids: Documentary filmmaker Imran Raza, who is of Pakistani descent, discovered the Khans in the Binoria madrassa in 2005. He embarked on his documentary "Karachi Kids" immediately after the London subway bombings. Raza has spearheaded the effort to remove the Khans from Binoria and bring them back to America.