Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Gray Lady of Bagram: Aafia Siddique

Moonbats all over the world are up in arms about the arraignment of the Gray Lady of Bagram. And the useful idiots in the US are only happy to join in...get ready for Abu Ghraib 2: The Sequel.

The Telegraph of India:
Independent rights group The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan in a statement also termed the US claims as lies. "To say that she had been taken into custody only on July 17, 2008 is a blatant lie," it said. "The insinuation, that she had been hiding herself since 2003, is a travesty of truth."

The LA Times is all too quick to jump on the bandwagon with this...Siddiqui arrest brings attention to the 'disappeared' issue in Pakistan. "Possibly at US behest!" I swear to God they actually used that phrase! (Ed. Note: The only thing that seems to be 'disappeared' around the LA Times these days is earnings per share. AND that's at the subsciber's BEHEST. Hah!)

The Pakistani Daily Times is calling today's arraignment a "confirmation of her arrest and arraignment" and showing a puny picture of the poor Gray thing. (Elaine Whitfield Sharp sure is earning her retainer. I am reminded of the recent 'staging' of the Gitmo detainees upon their release. Just saying you should keep that in mind...we know it is a time honored technique of the Muslim warrior. )

Freaking WaPo blows up the puny picture and knee jerks all over the place. Yikes! They also give us this poignant Allah Ackbar-Kodak moment: "In the struggle, Siddiqui was heard shouting "God is great!" in Arabic and "Get the [expletive] out of here!" in English. They also let us know that she was a busy little zakat beaver, founding the Institute of Islamic Research and Teaching while living in Boston. She also donated her 'MUSLIM DOLLARS' to Islamic charities that served as front groups for extremists. What a coincidence!

From the AFP - Paging Dr. Mustafa. Our girl sounds like a candidate for a stint on the Islamic Dr. Phil show. She divorced her first husband - poor schmoe Mohammed Khan (the one she lived with in Boston) ran off with Khalid Sheik Mohammed's nephew and then 'disappeared'. She doesn't even know where her children are. Kind of tough to take them along when you're on the run, eh. Aafi? Coincidence? I think not.

Hold up on that no knowing where her children are. You know that teen jihadi found with her when she was arrested with suspicious chemicals and anarchist materials? It was her son....according to Arab News and they've got pictures. This isn't passing the sniff test to me, possums.

The UK Independent is reporting: Anger in Pakistan as 'missing' scientist resurfaces in US court on terror charges. They claim she shouted phrases like: "My blood be directly on your head."

Dawn provides the most complete detail to the Pakistanis regarding her actual arrest and arraignment.

The Pakistani Govt is already seeking consular access and attempting to smear the Musharraf govt with charges of colluding with the US Govt. And Zardari and Nawaz are teeing up impeachment proceedings. How very Dennis Kucinich of them...

No surprise there.

(I hope to God we have our ducks in a row on this one. What am I saying? It doesn't matter. The conspiracy nuts and hate America crowd don't need no stinking evidence - we're already guilty...panties be upon them.)

Bonus: Elizabeth Fink is now also representing Aafia. and if this is the Elizabeth Fink now named as Aafia's attorney we got us another candidate for Shaken Attorney Syndrome. She was one of the attorneys that represented America's favorite terrorist sympathizer and AQ attorney....Lynne Stewart. Wham! Bam! No thank you ma'am.