Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Putting the BS in Bio-Solar One.

Update 12:11 am - This just keeps getting better and better. Here is a snap of the BS -1's dockside power hook ups.

"The boat is a custom-built Fantasy Yacht built specifically for Gore by Bill Austin of Sparta, Tennessee. (www.billaustinaircraft-yacht.com) According to Austin, the engines are bio-diesel fueled and Gore can expect to use about two gallons an hour to cruise Center Hill Lake. With a 500 gallon capacity Austin says Gore won’t need a refill for “two or three years” though he admits having “no clue” about where Gore could get bio-diesel at the lake. The Hurricane Marina dock doesn’t sell it."

courtesy of Steve Gill over at the Gill Report.

Update: 11:54 pm. An even better pic of the BS-1.
Hell's Bells - it looks like the Staten Island Ferry!

Big green hypocrite Al Gore's new boat.
It doesn't have solar panels yet.
The Bio-Solar One.