Monday, August 18, 2008

The International Herald Tribune is funny.

Headline: Shiite pilgrims head home after largely violence-free rites at Karbala.

Well, except for those three bombings, but I guess they think that's pretty darn good for the Islamonuts. About the attacks: (referenced earlier here.)

A suicide bomber killed 19 pilgrims near the town of Iskandariya on Thursday as they made their way to Karbala.

"This year, the pilgrimage was nice, except for the Iskandariya incident," said Yousif Mohammed Ali, a 41-year-old from the southern city of Basra, before heading home.

Pilgrims then began to pack into buses to leave Karbala, about 80 kilometers, or 50 miles, south of Baghdad, which was under the tight watch of about 40,000 Iraqi police and soldiers backed by snipers, helicopters and bomb-sniffing dogs.

In other attacks on pilgrims, nine were killed Friday at a bus station in Balad, north of Baghdad, and another six were killed in Baghdad on Saturday.

But there was no repeat of the Shiite factional fighting of last year, which turned the area around the shrine into a battle zone for days and prompted the Shiite cleric Moktada al-Sadr to declare a cease-fire for his Mahdi army militia.

Iraqi security forces searched pilgrims entering the golden-domed Imam Hussein mosque, using 2,000 female police officers to search women. Suicide attacks by women have become more common this year in Iraq, where women can conceal explosives under voluminous black robes and often evade security searches.

The Religion of Peace's idea of a good time.