Monday, August 18, 2008

Muslim Brotherhood sticks up for fired Obama advisor

The swords are a nice touch, don't you think?

and plays "Islamophobia card" to explain "loose and old connections" away. Dinah says where there's smoke there's fire and Mr. Asbahi resigned at the first whiff of smoke - he didn't even try to stick up for himself. What's that tell you? I'm still curious about the meeting he attended with other "Muslim leaders" the weekend before he resigned and I'm wondering if there was "islamoconcern" that the WSJ and others investigating Mr. Asbahi's "old, loose connections" were going to blow their cover.

The English language website of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood has issued a rather extraordinary statement in connection with the recently-resigned Obama campaign Muslim outreach adviser. The statement opens repeating what has now become the standard accusations of “Islamaphobia”, a charge routinely leveled by the global Muslim Brotherhood against its critics:

“The ongoing controversy in the U.S. surrounding resignation of Mr. Mazen Asbahi, Muslim-outreach advisor to presumptive democratic presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama, is quite intriguing. Mr. Asbahi is an Arab American corporate attorney who resigned last week amidst allegations of old loose ties with individuals associated with organizations thought to be linked to the Muslim Brotherhood (MB). Mr. Asbahi’s crime is that he also appeared as a guest speaker before such organizations allegedly linked to the MB. Islamic organizations in the U.S. described the campaign against Mr. Asbahi as ‘nationwide efforts by Islamophobes who seek to deny Muslims access to the political process.’ ”

It's all Hollywood fiction - honest. Pay no attention to the man behind the caliphate.

The so called Global Network of the Muslim Brotherhood is merely a Hollywood fiction that only exists in the minds of those who created it as part of their scare tactics to insight fears among the public and instigate government hostilities. There is no “global network” for the Muslim Brotherhood, but rather coordination among the different MB chapters in various countries, in which the MB has formal presence or representation, which clearly does not apply to the U.S. This coordination among international MB chapters mainly revolves around political issues, sharing experiences in the field of public Islamic work and exchange new ideas. “


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