Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Egypt: Kidnapped tourists found, but Egypt doesn't want to really rescue them

One of the sights the tourists wanted to see.
The Cave of the Swimmers was featured in the movie The English Patient.

Because they MIGHT be harmed.

Sudan and Egypt have located 19 kidnapped tourists and Egyptians but "do not want an operation that harms the hostages," Sudanese foreign ministry undersecretary Boutros Sadiq said on Tuesday. "They are now in an area of no-man's land between the Sudanese, Libyan and Egyptian border, in the area of Jebel Uweinat," Sadiq told journalists in Khartoum.

"Their position has been pinpointed and there is coordination between Sudan and Egyptian authorities in this regard. From our point of view the security of the hostages is the absolute priority -- we do not want an operation that harms hostages."

Egypt sent a team of 'military experts' to locate the snatched tourists - not attempt a rescue or anything. I guess they want the world to think they're really doing something about this. Egypt also continues to parrot the party line that the kidnappers are "ordinary criminals not part of any terrorist organization".

I don't know, I'm standing around taking pictures of some pretty sand and a wild bunch of lunatics sweep down and take me hostage??? And me being a woman? Well, color me terrified. Doesn't that make them terrorists??? And when it comes to an Islamic connection you can bet that there will be a mullah in the mudhut with his hand out as the ransom rolls in.

Speaking of...The ransom is now rumored to be $8.8 million and the Germans are still in control of the negotiations.

If I've said this once, I've said this 15 times, possums. But here we go. One more time. If Dinah is ever kidnapped what are you supposed to tell the authorities and anyone who will listen???

Send Marines, not Money. And have them come in guns blazing.

Negotiations in this case are supposedly ongoing and depending on who you talk to they are either in danger or not.