Tuesday, September 23, 2008

JBS Swift: Muslim pig in a poke watch

Mohammed Rage, bald is beautiful.

The company confirms 86 firings, not 150 or 200 as stated by the Muslims.
Why let facts get in the way of their protest though.

Don't be sitting with the men, ladies. That is haraam, you little vixens.

The Muslims are going ahead with their plans to threaten negotiate with Swift. They are also pulling out all the stops...Sending a woman with White House ties to DC to bring in some muscle to the action including pressuring the Brazilian parent company by contacting her ramadan dinner buddy, the Brazilian ambassador. Woman takes plight of Somali workers to DC

A Denver woman with ties to the White House has taken the issue concerning Muslims at the JBS Swift & Co. plant to national leaders. During a recent Ramadan dinner at the White House, Seeme Hasan spoke with administrators and the Brazilian ambassador to the U.S. about the firing of about 120 Muslim employees at JBS Swift's Greeley meatpacking plant. The company's parent company is based in Brazil, which has a Muslim population. Since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, Hasan has consulted the U.S. State Department on relationships with Muslim countries and has been an organizer for the White House's annual Ramadan dinner.

It was during that dinner Wednesday, when she shared the situation of the Somali Muslim workers who were fired after they walked off the job because they were not allowed to take breaks to observe the Muslim holiday Ramadan...Brazilian ambassador Roberto Abdenur at the White House dinner.

When she told him of the situation at the plant, she said: "You could feel his pain from his face. He was pained with the subject."

Listen to her, trying to send everybody on a Muslim guilt trip...

Hasan, who is a co-founder of Muslims for America, also said she spoke with a "high-ranking" White House staffer about the potential public relations nightmare the issue could create. "You have some Muslim newspaper pick this up, and they will call Americans heartless," she said. "This can give us a bad public image relationship. We don't need this. We look bad. In America, we look bad."

Funny, to think how Christians are treated in the Muslim world and then to have to listen to this broad call Americans heartless. That's just wack.

A Nebraska anti-discrimination group (http://www.neoc.ne.gov) is reaching out to the Muslims but the Muslims want ACTION not OUTREACH.

A Somali Muslim leader says the state commission that handles discrimination complaints needs to investigate concerns at a Grand Island meatpacking plant, not educate the community.

Somali Muslim advocate Mohamed Rage (RAGE) says the state Equal Opportunity Commission needs to investigate and take action against the JBS Swift and Company plant.

See the video featuring Mohammed Rage, taken after their meeting at a local restaurant here.
It's very instructive. (There sure are some angry looking Muslim lugs hanging about.)

You looking at me?

Meanwhile the natives are restless...Two group attacks reported in East Grand Island and the police are called to a Somali-Sudanese occupied apartment complex 21 times over the span of three days. The police spokesman is quick to point out that this increase in violence is NOT related to the problems at JBS Swift. 'Nothing to see here, move along folks.'

In the first, a Somali man reported being beaten Thursday morning by a group of Sudanese men outside his apartment on Yund Street. In the second, a Sudanese man reported being beaten Sunday morning by a group of Somali men on the stairs leading up to his apartment on Sutherland Street. The two assaults were part of more than two dozen calls to those two apartment complexes over the past several days, said Capt. Robert Falldorf of the Grand Island Police Department. "It's pretty much been an every-night deal," Falldorf said. Falldorf said he doesn't believe the incidents were related to the ongoing dispute over time for prayer at the JBS Swift & Co. plant in Grand Island. But he did say the two complexes, which face each other and are separated only by a parking lot, have been a source of particular tension over the past week. "It was just Sudanese assaulting Somalians and Somalians assaulting Sudanese, and it's kind of mushroomed from there," Falldorf said.


Police were called into those complexes nine times from Wednesday evening into early Thursday morning, according to police records. They were also called there five times overnight Saturday and seven times Sunday.