Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Gray Lady of al Qaeda: Poor dear. She's suffering w/ Chronic Depressive Psychosis

Tsk-Tsk-Tsk. Poor thing. She's worried about her children.

Funny, she wasn't worried about them when she was dragging them from one lousy al Qaeda safehouse to another.

Funny, she wasn't worried about them when she took her son with her to scope out targets.

Funny, she wasn't worried about them when she went for the gun and shot an American soldier.

Funny, she wasn't worried about them when she was acting as a front for the world's most heinous terrorist group.

Ms Siddiqui “reported depressed mood, anxiety, ruminative thoughts concerning her son’s welfare, poor sleep and moderate appetite”. The letter also describes a hallucination: “She also reported seeing her daughter in her cell, and was unable to apply appropriate reality testing to this phenomenon.” She politely declined to receive psychotropic drugs, the letter said.

You know what's really funny? When interviewed by the court appointed FEMALE psychiatrist she spoke THROUGH a blanket she WORE on her, I don't care who you are - that's funny.

P.S. A thinly sourced article states here that the US Embassy in Islamabad has contacted the Gray Lady's family regarding the status of the children (rumored to be held in Afghanistan). A US embassy spokesperson would neither confirm, nor deny the report.

Meanwhile, the Pakistani Govt reassures the Gray Lady's family it is doing everything it can to facilitate her release. Including sending a 6-member delegation of Pakistani Senators to visit her in NY.

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