Monday, September 15, 2008

JBS Swift: Muslim pig in a poke watch

Fired workers unite.

Former JBS Swift employees, Muslim malcontents and professional shit disturbers embark on their "long walk to justice..."

...collecting unemployment, worker's comp and refugee assistance every step of the way, no doubt.

And what a surprise - the local state Democratic representative is there for are a host of government assistance organizations to help them out. With all the special treatment these people get, no wonder they expect JBS Swift to do everything but bend over and kiss their a&& in Macy's window. Everyone else sure seems to!

Attorney John Bowen, along with other state representatives -- including Jim Riesberg, D-Greeley -- spoke Saturday during a meeting at the Union Colony Civic Center and assured the Muslim workers, fired for not going to work because of a conflict about Ramadan accommodations, that they have rights. "The company will argue that you engaged in a strike that violated the contract," Bowen said. "We will require them to prove for each of you that that happened."

Bowen told more than 100, mostly Somalis, that the company violated several provisions in its contract. JBS officials contend the Muslim workers violated the contracts. In preparation for legal action, Bowen said the fired workers need to document how and when they were fired. Bowen said he filed 90 employee grievances Friday, and he expects to file more Monday. He has also filed a grievance on behalf of the union. "The situation you find yourself in is as workers is not unique, but it is a difficult one," Bowens said. "Your situation is complex."


Riesberg promised the crowd he would do his part to ensure they are treated fairly. "We need to spend a lot of time negotiating with Swift so you can have your jobs back," said Riesberg, who fielded questions from frustrated former employees. Riesberg assured the Somalis that they are welcome in Greeley. Without guarantee that they will get their jobs back, people at the meeting were urged to register for unemployment and file for workman's compensation.

Programs such as the Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition and the Colorado State Refugee Services Program are in place to help the Somalis survive this transition, the workers were told. Amber Tafoya with the coalition said she has spoken with employees who were laid off and believes JBS officials were in error. "We will be with you on your long walk to justice," Tafoya said. "I'm confident that you as a community have the solution to your problems."

Painfully PC Dhimmi alert: Jim Reisberg's website.

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