Monday, September 15, 2008

Taliban cut teacher's ears off as punishment

I guess he should be glad he still has his head.

TALIBAN militants dragged a school teacher out of a mosque in Afghanistan and cut off his ears as a "punishment" for working for the Government, an education official said. The rebels took another dozen people, most of them elderly men, out of the mosque in the southern province of Zabul and beat them up on similar charges, provincial education chief Mohammad Nabi Khushal said overnight. The men had burst into the mosque while dozens of worshippers were in a late night prayer session Saturday and singled out primary school teacher Bismillah Khan, Mr Khushal said, blaming Taliban rebels.

"They took him out of the mosque and cut off his ears. They said, 'Anyone working for the Government will be punished like this'," he said.

His crime? Working at a refurbished school re-opened five months ago.

A Taliban spokesman denies the attack, saying it wasn't one of their noble mujahideen.

Right. Like we'd believe that.