Saturday, September 06, 2008

Today's McCain Palin Rally

If you look close you can see the CNN platform at the edge of the crowd,
screen left at about 10:00 AM.
Way back by the cop cars and the planes!

See what I mean about it being a crush?

It was a great event.

Man oh man, if you get the chance to go see these two you should make the effort and go. Go early! Wear sunscreen. Don't take water bottles with you - you won't be able to take them in. No pocket knives FYI. Bring a sign. I got bad information and it turns out that they were allowing people to bring their own sign. So bring one! Take a flag. You might not get lucky like I did and get one of the ones that the Democrats disgraced by throwing them away at Invesco like trash.

courtesy of Leibowitz's Canticle.

Note to the Obama campaign - It's not a good idea for your vp candidate to abuse the flag and usually you don't leave things you're returning to the manufacturer in trash bags by a dumpster for over a week.

You usually box them up, put an address label on them and then take them to the post office. Just saying. Unless you were waiting for Obama's friend, the unrepentant terrorist and world renowned flag stomper, Bill Ayres, that is.

Possums, Dinah's technology troubles persist. A word of advice; you might also want to make sure you have your technology up and running before you go. My damn camera battery died right as we got up to the entry point and I have no cell service here at the Lord Manse so I can't get the pictures I took on my back up camera off my phone. I'll have to drive up to the top of the hill tomorrow and try to send them to my email blah-blah-blah.

Lucky for you, the one thing Dinah has going for her at these kinds of things is an unerring capability to size up the sitch. That and luck. Scoping out the hopelessly crowded scene, I saw that a camera crew had set up a platform at the back of the tarmac outside the hangar. I weaseled my way in front of it (I figured they would have a good view of the stage - I was right) and so I ended up getting on the CNN report with an Air Force vet who was a heckuva lot of fun and a BIG supporter of the Maverick. And my mom got to see me on TV ...ha-ha. Don't ask me where the L&M was - it's another one of the L&M's misadventures that ended up with him sitting on the sidelines making small talk with the pilot of the McCain plane. Just so you know the Captain had nothing but good things to say about the Senator and his family. Interestingly enough, he wouldn't reveal any of their travel plans after Albuquerque - security, he said. No loose lips around the McCain camp.

But on to the event. The motorcade arrived and again, as luck would have it - they were on my side of the crowd and I was in the front row waving at them as they arrived. It was thrilling to see all those nice big GM SUVs rolling by in a big long line and escorted by a phalanx of cops.

First, we had Sarah Palin up on the stump and she rocked the house. The only problem was the audio - it wasn't loud enough for her voice and people were getting a little testy after standing out in the hot sun at over a mile high for a couple of hours and then not being able to hear her. John came through loud and clear though and don't let anybody tell you that Sarah got more applause that John did - he was welcomed equally - it's just not often that you hear a vp candidate getting as warm a welcome as the Presidential nominee.

The event was a crush - estimates of the crowd ranged to over 10,000 with the Secret Service count being at 13,000. There are reports that 30,000 were shut out from even getting tickets!

Here's Sarah's speech in it's entirety. Please listen.

And he-e-e-re's Johnny....

More photos to follow, possums.